The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

February 13, 2018

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

The Commonwealth is an organisation with deep roots and profound strengths.  The Commonwealths uniqueness lies in its human networks.  These people-to-people links define the organisation and we need to recognise and nurture them.

From 16-20 April 2018, the UK will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London and Windsor.  With the theme of “Towards a Common Future”, leaders will work to address common challenges, and focus on delivering:

A more prosperous future:  bosting intra-Commonwealth trade and investment and maximising the opportunities offered by the “Commonwealth Advantage”

A more secure future:  increasing cooperation across security challenges including global terrorism, organised crime and cyber-attacks.

A more sustainable future:  building the resilience of small and vulnerable states to deal with the effects of climate change and other global crises.

A fairer future:  promoting democracy, fundamental freedoms and good governance across the Commonwealth.

We want a Commonwealth with a strong and vibrant future built on deep partnerships that embrace its unique and diverse membership.

By promoting our new activity, you can help us expand our reach and contribute to the success of the summit.

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